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Self-aligning Roller Beds

The rotators ZT-series facilitate the work by the roller position automatically adapts to the workpiece diameter. This series is particularly suitable for workpieces made of thin material with increased unbalance or for automated processes. Available for loads of 5t to 1200t.

Characteristics and Advantages

  • The rollers tilt angle is automatically adjusted as per the work piece diameter, no need for manual adjustments
  • Extreme stability thanks to 4-wheel drive
  • Gear drive of the rollers in stead of chain: robust, reduced play and increased reliability
  • Robust construction and high weight thanks to usage of high material thickness
  • The standard equipped steel and rubber rollers with high bearing strong driving capacity
  • Stepless speed adjustment with a wide speed range
  • High precision and a large start-up moment for increased safety
  • Linkage interfaces are available in the controller box;
  • Compatible with control systems of other manufacturers
  • The usage of strong planetary gearings guarantee a longer life since the motors are hardly challenged.

Whether to buy or rent, in our warehouse we prepared different types and sizes of Roller Beds for you.

Our Roller Beds are very robust and can be fitted with polyurethane coated wheels, rubber coated wheels or steel wheels. Thus component damage is prevented and ensure a non-slip rotation.

Our Roller Beds can be fitted with undercarriage, electric or manual, footswitch and wireless remote control.

If required, we offer all our customers the ability to customize the machine according your working conditions.

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