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ART-ST Seam Tracking Systems

Our ART-ST Seam Tracking System consists of sensor, control unit, control panel, linear or cross support and the associated small parts. It is available as a embedded or stand-alone version.

Functional principle: The tactile version is designed with a sensor that scans the phase of weld preparation. After calculation of the control unit, the distance and the torch guidance in the center of the seam are guaranteed. On request, the ART-ST Seam Tracking System is designed as a one-dimensional or multi-dimensional system. Our system, with high control accuracy and fast control speed, can be used with all common welding processes. Easy to use and easy to use on all automatic systems, such as Column & Booms, the quality is ensured during automatic welding.

Characteristics and Advantages

  • Combines aerospace components with mechanical components for best quality and long life
  • Various applications (overlap welding, fillet welding, butt welding)
  • Accessories available in the form of probe tips and holders
  • Use of the latest CPU in conjunction with trouble-free control procedures
  • Simple and comfortable opera on thanks to the clear control panel with illuminated pushbuttons (100k sampling rates) and LCD display
  • High-precision aluminum slider
  • Meets all European and American safety standards



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