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Welding Tractor/Power Source

Built for tough use in the workshop, our Welding Tractor are characterized by a robust construction and high reliability.

Available in different variants for the accomplishment of challenging task, our Welding Tractor can be equipt with SAW, MIG / MAG, TIG.

Designed for continous use with our Column & Boom and Welding Tractors, our Power Sources are characterized by an extremely high load capacity and reliability.

Available from 630 A to 2000 A (100% duty cycle) our power sources are ideal for submerged arc welding.

Characteristics and Advantages

  • The main circuit adopts thyristor 6 phase half-wave control technology
  • Stable performance and high reliability
  • Unique control circuit design is adopted with various output features, suitable for SAW, MIG/MAG, Flux-cored wire, Carbon arc air gouging and ESW
  • Compensating circuit for voltage pulsation is employed, which can efficiently compensate the voltage pulsation of the electric network and is well adapted to the power supply network
  • Main ACC contactor has no current switch design



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