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Conceived for most severe circumstances and every-day usage on the shop floor; the HB-Series Welding Positioners excel through their robust construction and high reliability. Thanks to the compatibility with control systems of other manufacturers and equipped with several linkage interfaces in the controller box, our HB-positioners will easily integrate in your working environment. The heavy steel construction provides enough stability and security which makes bolting to the floor unnecessary.

Available for load capacities from 100 kg to 100 t, our program offers a solution for nearly all requirements. Variants, such as hydraulic height adjustment, horizontal rotary table, foot switch, remote control and through hole shaft, we gladly offer for your specific needs.

Optionally our machines are available with foot switch, remote control, incremental, chuck and much more.

Characteristics and Advantages

  • Work table surface of finished casting, offering high resistance to welding spatters
  • Usage of higher material thickness leads to robust construction
  • With the resulting equipment weight, flexibility is given since they don’t need to be fixed to the floor
  • T-shaped channels are available to facilitate the installation of various fixing and clamping units
  • Stepless speed adjustment of work table rotation to fit your requirements
  • Constant speed reversal within 120°, with large turning torque to cope with highly demanding circumstances
  • Self-locking and reliable positioning for increased safety on the shop floor
  • Large work table surface for higher reliability



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