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Roller Beds with Bolt or Spindle Adjustment

The Roller Beds of KT/JT-series are available for loads of 1 t to 2000 t. Even with these rotators you benefit from our typical robust construction. We supply standard equipment with hole pattern adjustment or manual adjustment of spindle. The options we offer our Roller Beds JT also with electric spindle adjustment and both types with manual or electric undercarriage.

Characteristics and Advantages

  • Pre-defined roller positions to adjust to various work piece diameters
  • Available with manual or electrical spindle adjustment
  • Robust construction thanks to usage of high material thicknesses
  • The standard equipped steel and rubber rollers with high bearing strong driving capacity
  • Stepless speed adjustment with a wide speed range
  • High precision and a large start-up moment for increased safety
  • Linkage interfaces are available in the control box
  • Compatible with control systems of other manufacturers
  • Also available with extra-large rollers for thin-walled work pieces
  • Also available with Anti-Drift as off 100 t: effectively avoids the drifting of the work piece through a hydraulic adjustment of the roller.



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