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Move control for Column & Booms (also as an upgrade available)

You clad a workpiece and want the arm of your machine after a rotation of the workpiece to perform an move of, for example, 19mm backward.

With our move control, you can let your machine do just that.

They set from 0–infinite mm and the arm automatically moves in the preselected direction upon receiving a signal (e.g. limit switch).

Other functions are programmable. Let us know your needs.


  • Start of the process
  • Receipt of start information
  • Automatic offset to left or right
  • Display of the nominal moving range and the already traveled distance



Angle control for Welding Positioners and Roller Beds (also as an upgrade available)
You already have a machine and would like to retrofit it?

We offer you the possibility to equip your positioner with a rotating control. Here you can choose between a simple time setting or an angle adjustment.

Other functions are programmable. Tell us your needs.


  • Automatic start with the welding process
  • Revolving the preset rotations
  • Overlap welding by degrees or seconds
  • Return to point zero
  • Automatic stop of the welding process


Custom-made 60 t self-aligning Roller Bed

This self-aligning Roller Bed has been fitted with the extra-narrow wheels at the request of the customer to ensure safe working with extremly thin-walled materials, on which nozzles are mounted. The narrow wheels run between the welded nozzles for easy turning. The rugged construction, as well as the automatic adaptation to the workpiece diameter, correspond to our standardized machines.



Custom-made 20 t self-aligning Roller Bed

This self-aligning Roller Bed, specially made to customer specifications, is designed for particularly thin-walled materials. Accordingly, it has twice as wide rollers to avoid deforming the container. The position of the heads can be changed in two stages, so that workpiece diameters from 400 to 6000 mm can be turned. In addition, holes were made on the Roller Bed to enable safe forklift transport. The Siemens motors used for this Roller Bed are protected by covers. Furthermore the Roller Bed has an electric undercarriage.


ARTwelding A2 welding tractor with ZD5 1000 A power source and Kjellberg powder suction

This video was made by the customer at a demonstration

The shown machine  here is an A2 UP welding  tractor with a ZD5 1000 A power source.
On request, we built on it a Kjellberg powder suction.


Special production Roller Beds 5 t and 40 t

In order to be able to easily turn large containers to which nozzles have been welded, we have designed these two special versions of our 5 t and 40 t Roller Beds on customers request. According to the customer specifications, extra narrow rollers were used to fit between the nozzles.



                5 t Roller Bed, adjustment via hole pattern                                                40 t Roller Bed, adjustment via spindle

ARTwelding 2 x 2 m Column & Boom with Kjellberg welding technology

These videos were made before a client presentation.

The machine shown here is a 2 x 2 m Column & Boom produced by the company ARTwelding GmbH.
The welding technology shown in the video with 1000 A power supply comes from the company Kjellberg from Finsterwalde.



Insertion help for heat exchanger

In order to place tubes (about 300 kg/tube) without extreme physical effort into heat exchangers, we have made a special construction according the requirements of the customer.

These can be moved sideways on rails in front of the heat exchanger and adjusted in high. The tubes can now be slid easily into the heat exchanger.



Insertion help for plate shear

Our standard Ball Transfer Head are designed for pipes. Here you can see an example of a reconstruction to facilitate positioning of steel sheets in front of a plate shear.


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